2 year besiktning repairs?

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2 year besiktning repairs?


anyone heard back to their 2 year besiktning reports?

We haven't heard back so I emailed EM and asked, I got this reply:

"The repairs will start on Monday, for further questions contact Daniel Lindström, daniel.lindstrom@einarmattsson.se .
Med vÀnlig hÀlsning
Joakim Jakobsson
Einar Mattsson Projekt AB"

It doesnt say what monday it will start but since i got the email on a monday I would assume its the following monday, 9th of June.

I also emailed daniel but he has not replied yet.

So, has anyone heard back from EM?

Vi vÀntar ocksÄ pÄ att

Vi vÀntar ocksÄ pÄ att reparationerna skall komma igÄng.

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